Articles, news and stories about what God is doing in Guatemala

October 15, 2016

Happenings in Guatemala October 2016

Happenings in Guatemala, October 2016. This month we were blessed to have a visit from F.I.R.E. missionaries in Mexico who now our supervisors. We appreciated their insight and they were a great encouragement to us. We are still here and carrying on with our work, so I guess we passed the test and get keep being missionaries.
October 4, 2016

The Wonder in Their Eyes

Sometimes I’m amazed by the things that amaze children. Last week we took a trip to the zoo. We brought the children who attend classes at our Community Center in Colonia Santa Fe, one of the dangerous “red zones” of Guatemala City.
September 13, 2016

Happenings in Guatemala September 2016

Weddings, cake pops, engineering, and more, read about some of the happenings in our ministry in Guatemalan serving orphaned and vulnerable children this month.
September 1, 2016

The Mother’s Touch

Serving in Guatemala we have found that a mother's touch sometimes makes all the difference when working with orphaned and vulnerable children.
August 11, 2016

Small Group Discipleship

Small group discipleship with orphans in Guatemala. Spiritual instruction, growth and discipleship is the heart call of every true missionary. In serving the orphan and fatherless the need is great to disciple them in the teachings of Christ.
August 3, 2016

Missionary happenings in Guatemala, July 2016

Missionary happenings in Guatemala July 2016.
July 20, 2016

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

Lessons from a missionary in Guatemala. Sometimes, things don’t go as planned. Despite our best efforts, despite our good intentions, despite the fact that we may have even done things correctly. They…just…don’t…turn…out.
July 6, 2016

Mid year report-what we’ve done so far In 2016

Mid-year missionary update from Guatemala. Summer camp, Bible classes, youth group, woodworking engineering classes and more. What a few missionaries accomplished in the first half of 2016.
June 27, 2016

When Kids Love to Learn

When kids love to learn great things happen! In our ministry in Guatemala I have found that teaching children is an adventure and each and every child is unique and precious in their own way. Discovering how to reach them in the way that they learn best can be a challenge.
June 19, 2016

My Thoughts on Fathers Day

Father's day in Guatemala. What does it mean to be a father? As a father of six wonderful children, today I found myself thinking this, not just in a personal sense, either as a father myself or in relation to my own father, but in the greater sense of God our heavenly father and us, his adopted children.
June 4, 2016

Who Are We Here to Reach

As missionaries working in Guatemala, just who are we here to reach? Could it be the people that God places in our path on a daily basis? Not just those in our ministry?
May 15, 2016

What I Learned About Orphan Care at CAFO Last Week

6 important things I learned about serving orphans in Guatemala while attending the 2016 CAFO Summit.
May 1, 2016

When You Follow Where God is Leading…Great Things Happen!

When You Follow Where God is Leading...Great Things Happen!
April 15, 2016

Mission Trips to Guatemala, a Different Perspective

Mission Trips to Guatemala. What is it that differentiates a mission trip from any other kind of humanitarian aid or social work? Perhaps the reason lies in what we call it, a “mission trip”, if so, what is that mission?
April 1, 2016

Loving the Least of These in Guatemala

Loving the Least of These in Guatemala. Can it really be as simple as that? A ministry without any greater physical, practical or social end that exists merely to love Jesus through caring for the “least of these”?
March 15, 2016

Our Classes are Getting Better in Guatemala

Computer classes for vulnerable children in Guatemala continue to improve as they develop their IT skills in our after school program.
March 1, 2016

Learning to Give Back in Guatemala

Learning to Give Back in Guatemala. Never underestimate the power that giving to others will have in changing your own life. Students at an orphanage learn to give back by serving others.
February 1, 2016

The Lost Sheep

When do you stop looking for, helping and serving a lost sheep that just wants to go its own way? I’ll tell you when, it’s when Christ stops looking for us. A story of our ministry to the orphaned, vulnerable and disabled.
January 20, 2016

Baptisms, January 2016

Baptisms in Guatemala. Two of our daughters made the decision to get baptized. That they chose to get baptized in the church that we love, that they made the decision to make a public profession of their personal faith, belief and acceptance of their salvation by grace through the death of Jesus Christ on the cross, was wonderful.
January 1, 2016

Missionary News in Guatemala, January 2016

Missionary News From Guatemala, January 2016. One of the things I love most about being in Guatemala for Christmas, is celebrating it with the children we love. Our children, friends, current and former students. Together we celebrate the birth of Christ in community with one another.
December 31, 2015

2015 Missionary Report From Guatemala

2015 Ministry highlights from Timothy and Sharie Martiny, missionaries in Guatemala.

February 15, 2015

Valentines Day in Guatemala, February 2015

Celebrating the missionary life, family and building community on Valentines Day in Guatemala.
April 1, 2015

Guatemala Missionary News, April 2015

Guatemala Missionary News April 2015. What is so amazing about the book of Esther? One of the things we find unique about Jewish culture compared to other cultures was the commandment that they care for those less fortunate, specifically, widows and orphans.
May 1, 2015

Guatemala Missionary News, May 2015

Guatemala Missionary News, May 2015. Strategic Development in Orphan Care. One of the new roles that Tim has taken on lately is a greater involvement in the reorganization, planning, research and implementation of best practices in orphan care for one of the orphanages we partner closely with.
May 15, 2015

Speaking on Live TV in Guatemala

This month Timothy Martiny, missionary in Guatemala, was invited as a guest on Channel 27, the Guatemalan Christian TV station. It was during a telethon fund raiser for a local ministry called Brazos de Amor y Misericordia which serves poor, needy families in rural Guatemala.