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Esperanza Juvenil (Boys Hope Girls Hope Guatemala) helps academically motivated children and youth rise above disadvantaged backgrounds and become successful in college and beyond.

Our goal is to develop young people who are physically, emotionally and academically prepared for post-secondary education and a productive life, breaking the cycle of poverty.

Esperanza Juvenil utlizes the following elements to achieve our mission:

Academic excellence

Service and community engagement

Family-like settings to cultivate youth empowerment

Long-term and comprehensive programming

Faith-based values

Voluntary participant commitment

Esperanza Juvenil firmly believes that children have the power to overcome adversity, realize their potential, and help transform our world. Children create these successes when we remove obstacles, support and believe in them, and provide environments and opportunities that build on their strengths.

The Esperanza Juvenil Board of Directors and staff leadership collaborate to ensure mission fidelity, financial stewardship and transparency. This team of professionals is committed to continuous learning, effective programming and improvement through impact evaluation and innovation.

Antonio Cristiani, President CorpoAgro del Pacífico

Ernesto Ruiz, Corporación AICSA

Peter Klose, Cía. Holandesa de Comercio

Mauricio Nanne, SISAP

Daniel Villatoro, Banco Agromercantil

Ramiro Bolaños, Improvement & Progress

Rosa María Gramajo, Corporación AICSA

Luis Pablo Cobar, Integrum

María Luisa Perezalonso, Corsesa

Maritza Ochoa, MO Consultores

Kristin Ostby, Boys Hope Girls Hope

Contact Info:

Lucas Pinzon and Mendy Maynor


Facebook: [email protected]


Telephone USA:

Telephone Guatemala:+(502) 2254-9911

Telephone Guatemala:

Address USA:

Address Guatemala:Esperanza Juvenil 12 Avenida 16-32 zona 2 Guatemala City, 01002

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