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casa guatemala orphanage

Casa Guatemala is an orphanage that cares for the nurturing, health and education of over 250 children. These children come from a variety of backgrounds; some have been abandoned, some have been abused, while still others come from families too poor to even provide the basics of a child’s needs. You can find out about the background of some of the children here.

The project touches the lives of hundreds of people. The 250+ kids that live at the children’s village, the people who work at the orphanage, the teachers that are employed at the orphanage school, members of the local village, workers at the Hotel Backpackers and the volunteers from all over the world who give their time to help out.

The orphanage receives no government support and is totally dependent upon the kind donations from people and groups from around the world. Casa Guatemala is split into three interdependent sites; an Infant Home/Medical Centre, Teenage Home/Administration Office and The Childrens Villiage, each with its own function but working in concert.

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