Get your limited edition, 2018 Christmas ornaments.

These beautiful Christmas ornaments are made by our students at the orphanage Fundaninos in Guatemala as part of the vocational training programs we offer to the children at the home.

They have been studying woodworking and engineering for several years. The ornament was designed on a computer using Vetric Aspire, cut out on a Shopbot CNC router, then sanded, painted and packaged, all by them.

Throughout the process they learned business skills, had to purchase all the needed materials, negotiate the prices and survey potential clients about which designs they liked.

As part of our entrepreneurial program, the students have invested their own money into making these, and all the profits go directly to them, the majority of which they will place in their personal savings accounts. Those funds will then be used by them for transformational purchases or to build their lives when they age out of the home.

In buying this ornament, you are encouraging them to voluntarily work, produce and sell, you are enabling them to take on a productive mindset that counteracts the poverty so prevalent in the world.

You are doing more than just buying a beautiful handmade Christmas ornament, you are showing them that hard work pays.

Every year we have a new ornament, for 2018 we have the "Peace Dove". It comes with a handmade gift bag cut from traditional Guatemalan fabric.

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