Woodworking and Carpentry

Making pens on a lathe at the orphanage Fundaninos

Date:11 Jan, 2017

Woodworking and Carpentry

Woodworking on a pen lathe in an orphanageCarpentry is a valuable skill and skilled woodworkers can make a decent living in almost any part of the world. Many of the students have shown a tremendous artistic talent which they may never have discovered had they not had the opportunity develop their skills.

In 2011 we started teaching carpentry classes at the orphanage Fundaninos. In 2012, thanks to a grant from the Family Care Foundation, as well as donations of equipment from friends, we were able to expand our carpentry workshop to provide better training. Using instructional videos, classes and hands-on training, the students are learning to use a variety of tools including scroll saws, routers, planers, drill press, saws a lathe and hand tools. As the students make wooden puzzles, pens and crafts they will learn valuable woodworking skills and develop their creativity. We plan to look for opportunities for them to sell the projects they design and create, it is our hope that this will make the program sustainable and provide the students with important entrepreneurial experience.




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