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Eagle's Nest and the ministries we provide has been 34 years in the making!

Larry and Claire Boggs moved to Guatemala as full time missionaries in 1978 with their 4 children, Ginger, Vicki, Daniel and Felis. Their original plan was to come to help plant churches. After a few months of being in country, Claire was presented with an opportunity to take in an unwanted child. With 4 young children of her own, she didn't think they could adopt, but they had friends that would and wanted to. She began to research and found a way to complete the first adoption. A new ministry and passion was born!

At first, the children that Larry and Claire cared for were part of their family, living and eating in the same house. After a short time, the number of children who needed care grew and the Boggs rented a facility and hired additional people to help them care for the children. This home was the Refugio Bautista Infantil in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. A few years later, the name was changed to Hogar Cuna de Quetzaltenango. Adoptions were going full swing for many years and the children's home continued to grow.

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Contact Person: Larry Boggs

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