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Guatemala was the first country where Houses of Hope International began rescuing and caring for orphans. In 1989, the first property was purchased in the city of Zacapa. At first, it was a training facility and short-term mission house. In 1991, 28.7 acres of undeveloped brush were purchased which would become House of Hope Zacapa. Through the generous donations of many, the property began to take shape – perimeter walls were built and infrastructure was put in place. Over the last 20 years HOH Zacapa has established 6 children’s homes, 8 missionary apartments, a full time community center, and most recently a new volunteer team house. HOH Zacapa is also home to the Votech Training Center – a full time facility where trained craftsman teach our young adults valuable professional skills and trades. All children at HOH Zacapa attend the on-site mission school Academy of Hope.

Throughout the year we enjoy hosting teams of volunteers who participate in many activities, both on-site with the HOH children and throughout the nearby community. Volunteers help our staff with construction and maintenance projects on the grounds, as well as school programs and medical care. Teams also support our staff with outreach to a nearby a refugee camp just down the road from HOH Zacapa. Of the 350 residents of this refugee community, half of them are children.

Our dedicated team at HOH Zacapa is comprised of full time Guatemalan and American workers who help maintain the property, children’s homes, and care for the precious lives that live there.

The House of Hope School in Zacapa was started in 2005 to provide a quality education for the House of Hope children. It is located just steps away from their homes. The school serves the House of Hope community and Zacapa. This provides an ideal environment for the HOH children to socialize with the surrounding community and for us to be involved with the families of Zacapa. One of the primary goals of the school is to provide a high quality education. As educators we have the unique opportunity and responsibility to develop the minds which will then impact the actions and habits of a society. We believe that our children are the future leaders of Guatemala.


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