Hogar De Niños Fatima

hogar ninos de fatima orphanage guatemala

The Fatima Children’s Home is a non-profit organization founded in 2002. It cares for infants and children who have been abused or abandoned. We provide shelter, health care, education, nutrition, legal assistance, and psychological support.

It is in charge of shelter programs for 40 children 0-14 years old, who are provided with education, health, nutritional, legal and psychological assistance while their situation is resolved.

Most children enter because they are victims of abandonment, family disintegration due to vices, economic problems or because the parents exploit them laboriously or sexually.

Protect children whose rights have been violated. Provide shelter in a family environment.

Innovate the concept of shelters, providing in addition to material assistance, programs with professionals that socially rehabilitate children.

Contact Information:

Address: 0 calle 20-62 zona 15 Vista Hermosa II, Guatemala City

Telephone: 2331-6382

Email: international@fatima.org.gt

Facebook: facebook/hogar.defatima

Website: http://www.fatima.org.gt